Condition depends not only on nutrition


Condition depends not only on nutrition

We know from numerous campaigns that nutrition affects our bodies and health.  One of them was 5A Day, encouraging us to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day in order to have us a healthier diet, following a recommendation by the World Health Organization.

Another campaign was teaching us how to read a food label in order to know values of calories, fats, sugars, fibre and other nutritional values and make our appropriate choices for ourselves.

Everything we consume is digested in our digestive system and all nutrients are transferred into blood system for it to be delivered to our cells.  This is not the only way that vitamins, minerals and other ingredients are passed into the blood system.  Another way we introduce various substances into our blood is via skin absorption.

Skin absorption is a route by which cosmetics, hygiene, chemicals, or pharmaceutical products can enter the body through the skin.  Some chemicals can be absorbed in small quantities to cause skin diseases or other more systemic effects.

Breast Cancer UK is concerned about numbers of synthetic chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products and warns us that some of these chemicals have been linked to adverse health effects including breast cancer.

The advice is to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals in order to reduce these adverse health effects and even breast cancer.  Their campaign #DitchTheJunk teaches us about taking simple steps to reduce the number and quantity of synthetic chemicals we use every day to help make our bodies healthier.

In order to help us to learn more about harmful chemicals, Breast Cancer UK produced a brochure which can be found here:

The main advice is to read the label and choose cosmetics which are free from harmful chemicals.  Do your research on chemicals of concern to check them in the ingredients list before choosing products or buying them.  The best option is to use cosmetics and hygiene products made from natural ingredients only.

Not only nutrition is responsible for our health as harmful components have alternative ways to get into our bodies.  Choose your natural products for your daily life visiting this link, or you can make your own cosmetics using readily available natural ingredients:

Next time I will post my list of chemicals of concern.  Get ready to compare our lists.

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