Blend of Birch Extracts for Baby Baths

Designed to ensure your baby has beautiful skin and hair

This product is a superior blend of herbal extracts for use in your baby’s baths. Your infant will love the caressing blend of birch extracts, and it’s enriched with essential lavender and bergamot oils to give it a soothing fragrance. All the carefully selected ingredients are organic and natural and the formula can be used daily if required.

It has long been known that extracts from birch leaves and buds have positive effects on the skin. It’s important in caring for your baby that their skin is as healthy as possible.  This herbal bath blend with its antiseptic, tonic, astringent, elasticising, lenitive and purifying properties will benefit skin condition.  It works by soothing your baby’s delicate skin and helps to loosen dandruff flakes and strengthens hair roots.

Thanks to the addition of bergamot and essential lavender oils, which have soothing, calming and antibacterial effects, your baby will be glowing after each bath. Their skin will be perfectly toned, refreshed and soothed and their hair will be silky and smooth. Plus, your baby will feel great and be ready for a great night’s sleep.

Regular use of this powerful balm will keep your baby’s skin and hair looking amazing, and you’ll know you’re caring for them the way you should.

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